iCanfield Group

iCanfield Group has Overseas Property business, Migration business, and Overseas education business subsidiaries. iCanfield Group provides professional consulting advices in these areas. Professional, honesty and reliability are expected from our consultants, and we provide a satisfactory service experience for our customers. iCanfield consultants and advisory team understand the importance of the customers requirement and always provide advice based on the customers best interest.

iCanfield Group Service:

iCanfield Group main businesses are Migration, Investment, and Overseas Education. We will provide one-stop services for our customers such as:

Migration Services

Overseas property

Study aboard planning

Investment Mortgage

Assistance in various Visas Application

Settlement & Accommodation

 iCanfield International Property subsidiary has years of experience offering our clients residential and commercial properties overseas. We offer quality projects to clients whether on seeking good investment or for own occupation. From making the purchase to property settlement to financing, our property consultants can guide you all the way, make it simple.

iCanfield Group offices: iCanfield is a Hong Kong Company with headquarter in Hong Kong. Additionally, we have 6 offices in mainland China locations: