Study in Canada

The education standard in Canada is very high, and citizens in the country generally have a high level of education, which is resulted from a fair and open education system in Canada. Canada has climbed into the top tier of international rankings In the most recent round of international Pisa tests, Canada was one of a handful of countries to appear in the top 10 for maths, science and reading. There is a strong sense of fairness and equal access - and this is seen in the high academic performance of migrant children and overseas students.

Canada Education System

Canada's fair and open education system allows many students to get more opportunities for further studies. The education system in most provinces in Canada is close to the education system in Hong Kong. After completing 12 years of compulsory education in primary and secondary schools, student can apply the university or college. The University Pathway program is a relatively direct way for overseas students to progress to a university. Upon completion of this course, students can advance to the second year of a bachelor's degree in university.

Canada Student Visa

According to the regulations of the Canadian Consulate, applicants want to study in Canada need to apply by filling out the form online in their system, and print out the application form together with documents such as a passport, school admission letter, academic qualification certificate, etc and taking them to the Consulate for the student visa.


Application Process

Recommends schools based on the student’s academic background and interest

Submits applications on behalf of students.

Accept the offer

Assists in a student visa application

Other procedures

Assist accommodation arrangement, airport pickup, local guardian arrangements, and medical insurance etc