Study in U.K.

British Education has always been the world-class, studying in the UK is the first choice of many Hong Kong students. The UK has the world's top universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge. Studying in the UK prestigious schools may shape students into outstanding elites, bringing extraordinary opportunities and development.

British Education System

The British education system is divided into 6 years of primary school, 7-13 grade of secondary school, and the 12-13 grade is a college preparatory system. After finishing the 11 grade, the students can continue the 12-13 grade course by passing the GCSE. And advance to university by passing the GCE at the end of 13 grade.

University Entrance Examination

The UK High School Exam Course (GCSE) is a two-year, tenth and eleventh grade studies. Students with a GCSE certificate can continue to take the College Entrance Examination (A-LEVEL), the International Baccalaureate (IB DIPLOMA), and the University Foundation Program. All of the above are ways to progress to a UK university.

GCE A-LEVEL is still the main way to progress to higher education institutions. The A-LEVEL course is a two-year studies, Grade 12 and 13. Students who meet the college entrance examination results can enroll directly at a UK university.


Secondary school

Why choose to study in the UK?

  • British schools adopt a traditional teaching system with a high level of education and strict principle
  • British boarding school has a long history and has rich experience in accepting for overseas students.
  • Destinations of many Top universities, Oxford and Cambridge etc that many students like to enroll
  • British academy recognition
  • Over 10,000 Hong Kong students go to the UK to study every year

Application Process

Recommends schools based on the student’s academic background and interest

Submits applications on behalf of students

Accept the offer

Assists in a student visa application

Other procedures

Assist accommodation arrangement, airport pickup, local guardian arrangements, and medical insurance etc