Studying in the USA

The United States has always been a gathering place for world-renowned universities. The United States accounts for nearly 170 of the top 500 universities in the world. When studying in the United States, students will face much diversities. Whether they are from academic or cultural differences, this will reshape their values and let them find their own strengths and self-awareness.

U.S. Education System

After completing a three-year high school in the United States, you can progress to college by passing the ACT or SAT.

Students who do not progress to high school from high school can choose to study in the US Associate Degree program, complete the two-year course and then transfer to the university, or enter the year 2 of American university through the University Pathway program. Hong Kong students can apply colleges directly through DSE scores without the SAT or ACT scores.

U.S. Student Visa

To apply for a US visa, you must first obtain an I-20 from the admitted school, pay the I-901 fee and fill out the DS-160 form, then make an appointment at the US Consulate for an interview.


Application Process

Recommends schools based on the student academic background and interest

Submits applications on behalf of students

Accept the offer

Assists in a student visa application

Other procedures

Assist accommodation arrangement, airport pickup, local guardian arrangements, and medical insurance etc