Australia Migration

About Australia

Australia is highly developed countries, a popular tourist country with abundant natural resources. It is the country with the most natural heritage in the world. Modern societies and nature coexist. With the rich natural resources and vast territories, mine and tourism are the main source of national wealth. Australia development and happiness index is highest in the world, such as quality of life, health, economy, freedom, and education ranking among the top, together with the complete social welfare system would explain why people from all over the world like to go and settle in Australia.

Social Welfare

  • Australian citizens can enjoy Australia's complete welfare system, such as unemployment benefits, pensions etc. In particular, social policies that ensure that families with children receive adequate net income and other financial assistance to provide the optimal conditions for raising their children.

Educational mechanisms

  • Australia's compulsory free education ranges from primary school to secondary school, and the standard of academic education in Australia is world-class. As the Australian education system is similar to the UK system, Australian education is effectively regulated and the education qualifications are internationally recognized.

Medical Benefits

  • Australia's universal health insurance is one of the most complete and fair systems in the world. Australian residents can enjoy this health care system.
  • The coverage of this system includes hospital medical care, outpatient medical care, pharmaceutical welfare and other medical services.
  • Most medical services can be reimbursed.

Global Talent Independent Program (GTI)

The Global Talent Independent (GTI) Program was officially launched on 4 November 2019. It offers a Fast Tracked visa pathway for highly skilled and talented individuals to work and live permanently in Australia. A successful candidate would receive a unique identifier and be invited to apply for a Global Talent visa. Their visa application would receive priority processing (around 3-6 months). For the:

- 2019/20 migration program year – there were 5,000 spots;

- 2020/21 migration program year – there were 15,000 spots;

- 2021/22 migration program year – there were 15,000 spots;

- 2022/23 migration program year – there will be 8,448 spots.


  • Only one application, you and your family can immigrate together
  • No English requirement
  • No Points Tests
  • No Skills Assessment
  • No Investment
  • Visa approval granted quickly (3-6 months)
  • Direct PR





  • Your occupation should fit in the ‘target sectors’ below:
    • Resources
    • Agri-food and AgTech
    • Energy
    • Health Industries
    • Defence, Advanced manufacturing and Space
    • Circular Economy
    • Digitech
    • Infrastructure and Tourism
    • Financial Services and FinTech
    • Education
  • Have an internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in their field,
  • Be able to attract a salary equivalent to the Fair Work High Income Threshold (FWHIT), currently AUD$162,000;

Migration Innovation Northern Territory Program (MINT)

The MINT Program is aiming to assist overseas nationals obtain NT government nomination if they meet the following:

- Show commitment to supporting the NT’s innovation ecosystem, and

- Meet the nomination criteria set by the NT government

The MINT program is an alternative pathway for overseas nationals to obtain Australian permanent resident through visa Subclass 190 (Direct PR) and Subclass 491(5 years TR).


  • Short Processing Period : 1-3 months
  • More than 200 Occupations Applicable
  • No Business / Investment experience required
  • Direct PR


  • Meet the requirement of 190 Visa
    • Under 45 years old
    • IELTS 6
    • Only 60 points Required
    • On NT Occupation List
    • Receive state nomination
  • Invest AUD$515,000 to to support the region’s innovation hub and start up incubator, the Darwin Innovation Hub
    (80% of the investment are in North Territory Government Bond)

188A Business Innovation Stream

The 188A stream is suitable for applicants who are experienced business owners with experience in managing their businesses. To be eligible for Permanent visa, the 188A visa holder must use their business experiences and start-up or purchase an existing business in Australia and manage the business operations. 


  • With just one application the whole family can obtain permanent residency
  • Low investment amount
  • English requirement is not a must
  • Can apply Permanent Resident after 3 years subjected to meeting the required business criteria in Australia


  • Under 55 years old (exemption applies)
  • 3 years or more of successful direct business experience or being a professional investor
  • At least 2 years in the past 4 years, the company's turnover has reached more than AUD$0.75m
  • Applicant’s shareholding requirements of the company:
    • Non-listed companies need to have at least 30% of the shares
    • A listed company needs to have at least 10% of the shares
  • Applicant (and spouse) has a net worth of more than AUD$1.25m
  • Applicant meets 65 points

188B Investor Stream (Provisional)

The 188B Stream is a 5-year visa for professionals who specialize in various investment activities. This visa does not require the applicant to own a business, but it requires the applicant to have a certain amount of investment experience and obtain certain benefits from it. After the visa is approved, the 188B visa holder needs to maintain a designated investment of at least AUD$2.5m and can transfer to a permanent visa after meeting certain conditions.


  • One application the whole family can obtain PR
  • No need to open a business
  • No English requirements
  • No education requirements
  • Short approval period
  • Children who under 23, are dependent with parent financially.


  • Under 55 years old (exemption applies)
  • Have more than three years of management, business or investment experience
  • The applicant has been in the past 5 years for 1 year:
    • Hold more than 10% of the shares in the business; OR
    • A qualified investment of more than AUD$2.5m
  • Applicant has a net worth of more than AUD$2.5m
  • Applicant meets 65 points
  • Complying Investment of AUD$2.5m (held for the duration of the 188C visa)

188C Significant Investor Stream 

The 188C Stream is suitable for high net-worth applicants who may not be able to commit to living in Australia for a long period of time. The applicant must make investments in approved SIV fund. To be eligible for Permanent Visa, the applicant must hold the investment for the whole period, and meet the residency requirement. 

Compared to other visa, it does not require EOI points . Also, the applicant can meet the residency requirement by living in Australia for at least 40 days each year when he/she held the 188C visa.


  • No Age limit required
  • No points test
  • No English requirement
  • Relatively flexible proof of financial resources
  • Fast Track
  • Flexible Residence Requirements
    (Either the applicant has been in Australia for at least 40 days each year OR the spouse/de facto partner has been in Australia for at least 180 days each year you held the 188C visa)


  • Invests AUD$5m in complying significant investments
    • 20% of the capital in Venture Capital and Development Private Equity (VCPE) funds;
    • 30% of the capital in Emerging Businesses;
    • 50% of capital in balanced investments

188E Entreprenur Stream

The 188E Stream is suitable for applicants who will invest into a business in Australia with an innovative product or service. To be eligible for 188E, the applicant will require to obtain endorsement from your nominating State for Territory government agency to develop your entrepreneurial concepts.

After 3 years on Subclass 188E visa, the applicant may be eligible to apply for the Permanent visa.


  • No Source of Funds
  • No Education requirement
  • No Business experience
  • No Management experience
  • No Point Tests
  • No Assets requirement 
  • Low Investment


  • Under the age of 55
  • IELTS 6
  • Provide qualified business plan
  • Obtain nomination by state government

澳洲港人救生艇 -

Migration Pathways for HKSAR & BNO Passport Holders

  1. Student (subclass 500) visa
  2. Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) in Australia for a continuous period of at least 4 years
  3. Subclass 189 – the Hong Kong stream 


  1. Temporary Skills Shortage (subclass 482) in a designated regional area for that 3 year period
  2. Subclass 191 – the Hong Kong (regional) stream