Greece Migration

About Greece

Greece is composed of a large number of islands in the Peloponnesian Lisa Peninsula and the Aegean Sea, and is a developed capitalist country. The northern and southern regions of Greece belong to a different climate. Southern region throughout the year temperature has a small range, winter in 6-13 degrees Celsius and 23-33 degrees Celsius in summer. The northern region temperature is mild and humid in winter and dry and hot in summer. Due to its historical and geographical environment, Greece has a magnificent scenery and is one of the world's most popular tourist destination.

Medical Benefits

  • Greece's people's happiness index and average life expectancy are high, which depends on the establishment of a sound medical security system in Greece. Greece's medical system ranks high in the world, providing peace of mind for Greek residents and EU citizens.

Social Welfare

  • Greece's social welfare system is perfect, with retirement pension, education and medical care, unemployment insurance, childbirth allowance, etc., to ensure the quality of life of Greek residents.

Greece Gold Visa

Applicants only need to buy a property and the minimum value of €250,000 in Greece.


  • The family gets permanent status, and children under the age of 21 can immigrate together
  • No living restriction
  • Applicants can obtain citizenship through education in Greece


  • Non-EU nationals aged 18 or older
  • Buy a property and the minimum value of €250,000 in Greece.
  • Not on the Schengen state's refusal list