Portugal Migration

About Portugal

Portugal is east of Spain, its main language is Portuguese, and Portugal has a mild climate, 7-11 degrees Celsius in winter and 20-26 degrees Celsius in summer. It is a great place to live in with a warm and beautiful view, and is one of Europe's famous tourist destinations. Tourism and wine industry are the pillar industries of the national economy. As long as the Portuguese permanent residents pay social insurance in Portugal, they can get a pension, unemployment and medical benefits, and enjoy the benefits of medical care, pension, housing and other benefits in developing countries in Europe.

Portuguese Gold Visa

The requirements for the Portuguese Gold Visa are simple. Applicants only need to purchase a property of not less than 500,000 Euros in Portugal or invest 350,000 euro in old building renovation project to apply for a Portuguese residence permit.


  • Excellent education system in Portugal
  • With just one application the whole family with 4 generations can obtain permanent residency
  • Only need to live 7 days a year in Portugal


  • 18 years of age or older
  • No Criminal record
  • Purchase of real estate of 500,000 euros or more