Taiwan Migration

About Taiwan

As Taiwan's culture and lifestyle are similar to Hong Kong, Taiwan becomes the one of the popular migration choices in recent years. Taiwan has a wealth of natural resources with the world's rare geomorphic environment, mild climate and is the popular tourist destination.

Social Welfare

  • Taiwan has the universal health insurance system. Medical insurance is mainly divided into labor, civil servants, teacher insurance, and farmers' health insurance. Taiwan's medical insurance is only available to the employed.
  • In addition, Taiwan residents also enjoy other social benefits, such as unemployment benefits, pension benefits, etc.

Taiwan Investor Immigration


  • The cost of living is relatively low compared to Hong Kong
  • Low house prices and larger living area
  • The Health Care System benefits all Taiwanese, and both critically ill and chronically ill patients are covered.
  • Culture is similar to Hong Kong
  • Spouses and unmarried children under the age of 20 are eligible to apply together.
  • After obtaining the Taiwan passport, the Hong Kong and Macau SAR passport can still be held at the same time.


  • Hold a Hong Kong / Macao SAR passport; open a company and invest NT$6 million; have a guarantor in Taiwan (providing a Taiwanese person as legal guarantee)
  • No Criminal record
  • After obtaining a residency, you must meet one of the following in order to gain the citizenship:
  • 1. For one year in a row and lived in Taiwan for more than 335 days or
  • 2. Stayed for 2 years in a row and lived in Taiwan for more than 270 days per year.
  • 3. Stayed for 5 years in a row and lived in Taiwan for more than 183 days per year.